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Riverfront Law Group, LLC represents clients in real estate, business, civil litigation, and condominium and homeowner association law. We handle all areas of real estate practice for our clients from basic residential real estate transactions to property management, lease drafting, and lease negotiations. We have experience with entity formation, contracts, and litigation. Our services include preparation of or drafting amendments to declarations, bylaws, rules and regulations, executive summaries, and maintenance and repair checklists. In addition, Riverfront Law Group represents condominium and homeowners’ associations in collecting past due assessments, including lien and foreclosure actions.

At Riverfront Law Group, LLC, we embrace technology to reduce expenses, generate new business, and better serve clients. Technology has enabled Riverfront Law Group, LLC to enhance its efficiencies and provide value to clients at a lower cost. We embrace the cloud, so you don’t have to pay through the roof. In addition to offering traditional billable hour fee arrangements, Riverfront Law Group, LLC also offers flat fees, contingency fees, and blended rates arrangements. Please contact us today.
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